I know why I’ve been up until 2 AM or later now. God has been keeping me up to wake me up… to him. To have so much more free time (except for class and reading for class) than I have during the other eight months of the year, I really have not been spending any more time with God. So now I know why I am staying up late. God wants me. He is jealous of my wasted time. Yes, he wants me and he will have me. He just had to get into my head to let me know that. After I finally got around to praying and asking for revelation about this, he has finally gotten through.

How ironic that just this evening, a new article was posted on RELEVANT concerning a similar incident.

Anyhow, so what am I going to do? Well, as long as God keeps me up, that time belongs to him. I will do what he wants. I’m going to spend time in the Word. I’m going to pray… pray very hard. I have things that desperately need to be prayed for. Then, I’m going to write, if necessary. I think, at this point, it is very necessary. May God then bless the things that appear on this page.

And may God bless all of you, my friends. Pray for me as I begin this wonderful new journey in my relationship with God, one that I hope will lead me further and into a more intimate bond with Christ than I have ever been in before.