Amazing Grace

If we are the Church, we should get off our butts and do something that makes an impact in this world. On Sunday, I saw the movie Amazing Grace, which tells the story of William Wilberforce, the Member of Parliament who, two centuries ago, fought to abolish slavery in England. He was a fervent Christian, mentored by the great Anglican pastor and former slave-trader John Newton (the writer of the hymn “Amazing Grace”). When Wilberforce feels that God is calling him into divine service, Wilberforce has to choose between going into career ministry or serving God where he is… in the House of Commons. At Newton’s insistence, Wilberforce takes up the yoke of service fighting slavery for two decades in Parliament.

In John Piper’s book and study, Don’t Waste Your Life, he encourages us to have a “Wilberforce-like zeal.” If you wonder what that means, all you need do is watch the movie. So how do we live like Wilberforce in today’s times? By letting our faith not sit idly by, becoming atrophied in the shadows of our lives. Our faith must take action – pressing us to make this world a better person for our presence in it as representatives of Christ. We must serve others and we must preach the gospel boldly to this world. It is a challenge we must serve – even unto death.