Four Weeks In

I have been at Southern Seminary for almost four week and have hardly been possessed to journal personally (this is something I have done for quite some time, aside from this blog and now keeping a class-assigned journal). Frankly, I have felt mentally stimulated since I’ve been here, but I have experienced long bouts of discouragement in my walk and an all-around spiritual anxiety.
These have been clear attacks from Satan because God has been, in fact, working things out for me marvelously well. I have found a church where I fit better than I thought was possible. I know that because of this fellowship, I will end up being a better minister in the future. Just being in membership classes there has edified me so much.
This has been true of my classes as well. I feel like I grow deeper in my knowledge of God each time I step into Systematic Theology I with Dr. Moore. Meanwhile, my Personal Spiritual Disciplines class has pushed forward my sanctification in ways I could never have imagined. As we have talked of Bible intake, prayer, and meditation, I feel myself with a desire for a deeper spiritual walk than I have had in years.
So, perhaps I am slowly coming out of this spiritual funk. I guess getting used to doing academically what I previously did solely for pleasure is putting a bit of unfamiliar stress upon my walk. However, this semester is looking altogether positive, and so I cannot wait to see what God has in store.