I finally feel my creativity coming back. I might say, “It’s about time.” As a person who throughout his life has been an artist and a writer, it has been difficult to hit a dry spell just as I begin seminary.
I think much of the stress of acclimating myself to my new situation and building relationship here ultimately caused this dry spell. However, now being a it more settled into the Southern seminary campus and Louisville, I find myself beginning to find my creativity again.
I have, for instance, had a screenplay idea based around a seminary campus. This is a very rough concept. However, much more exciting things have been happening in my mind as well. I have developed an overall focus on the idea that writing—even creative writing—is somehow part of what God intends for me to do as a career or, perhaps stated better, as a ministry.
Does this mean that I won’t be a pastor/elder or that I won’t be a college professor or chaplain or teacher? No, I don’t think so. I think, in actuality, these things many actually shape how this comes about. My continued interest in the art of Biblical literature many also play a part, and I could see a friend and I eventually working for the kingdom in the realm of Biblical hermeneutics through this filter.
There have been lots of struggles adjusting to the rigorous academic schedule here. I have been constantly consumed by reading reports and other works. It was initially hard to maintain a spiritual desire while at the same time accomplishing all that I need to get done. However, he has been changing that rapidly over the last few days, and I hope this continues.

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  1. Hey man–glad you’re hitting your stride here.By the way, I still wanna swing by Barnes & Nobles before long…dunno exactly when will work best yet.

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