Review: Death by Love

Mark Driscoll & Gerry Breshears, Death By Love. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2008. 272 pp.

Get this book. Hardly ever am I so enthusiastic in my endorsement of a book, but anything less that a statement such as that for this book would be too mild. This is one of the best books in Christianity to have been written in the last decade. It is an important monument in theological Christian writing, as well as devotional Christian writing.

Driscoll, the pastor of Mars Hill Church Seattle, together with seasoned Baptist theologian Gerry Breshears of Western Seminary, composes a pastoral theology of the cross by means of letters to individuals he has had contact with in his time as a pastor. The authors walk the reader through the stories of individuals who have been raped, molested, are going through struggles with cancer, dealing with strife, are tormented by demons, and other issues and through them explains that Christ, through his actions on the cross, is our atonement, redemption, sacrifice, gift righteousness, our justification, propitiation, expiation, and many other things in the following chapters.

For anyone in the Church, this is a must read. From the pastor wishing to seek how to counsel his people to the layperson trying to understand theology, to the seeker struggling for, or against, faith, this is a timely book that speaks directly, sometimes pointedly, to the mind and soul.