The Artsy Person

Ok, this is a fairly spontaneous post based on observations, musings, and personal experience. This is defintely not free of a wide host and combination of exceptions, but there seem to be certain commonalities when dealing with “artsy” folk that one must take into consideration when dealing with him or her. This is a short list of possible traits for the surrounding friends of said artsy person.

  • The artsy person may constantly have his head in the clouds. He may need you to remind him of certain practical matters or priorities from time to time. Make no mistake: he does realize their importance. This simply is not always enacted in the most rational fashion.
  • The artsy person can pretty easily entertain himself. If your artsy friend cracks a smile or chuckle for no apparent reason, do not think him insane (at least for this particular trait). No doubt that some relatively unfunny event has triggered a series of successive thoughts in the mind of your peculiar friend and has ended at something quite outrageously hilarious.
  • The artsy person will probably not be the biggest social butterfly. Have no worries that your artsy friend will be a table whore; indeed, he is not usually one to frequent parties and is not the most outspoken in a social situation. His mind enraptured by fantastical thoughts, he is not as open or conversant (except on certain passionate topics), but make no mistake: he can be quite a friendly and warm individual.
  • Though you may try, you may never fully understand the artsy person’s sense of humor. More than likely, it will be a subtle, dry, irony-fueled wit, but you may not catch the pun unless you have gotten to know him very well.
  • Don’t be surprised by spontaneous epiphanies. They happen.
  • Don’t be surprised by spontaneous sketching. Sometimes things need to be drawn to be properly experienced.
  • The artsy person has a lot of big ideas that are quite possibly unfeasible. Break this to him as nicely as possibly, but also don’t underestimate his ability to execute something seemingly unimaginable. There is little unaccomplishable to those who don’t think about how impossible it actually is.

Just some musings in order to better understand your local friendly artsy person. Have a nice day.