The Defication of the World


1. My car was robbed in my apartment complex parking lot Monday night. My front passenger side window was smashed in and my GPS stolen.

2. About two weeks ago, Edgar’s, a “men’s emporium,” opened on the Southern Seminary campus. It sells mid- to upper-range men’s suits, fountain pens, and haircuts in the guise of teaching men to “dress like preachers.” Being another excuse not to leave the seminary campus and to spend extravegant amounts of money on luxury items, this is of course the exact thing I think the seminary needs to be doing. Yeah… barf.

3. Meanwhile, the campus has made all sorts of other cutbacks, including slashing over 30 jobs and getting rid of departments and programs. The Center for Christianity and the Arts is soon to be no more. After all, what minister needs to know about art (nevermind the fact that the arts are what shape culture and are the showing sign of a culture)? Who needs to know about the arts when ministering to a visually-oriented society? Much more important is a three-piece suit.

Our world is so fallen. I feel much less animosity with the person who broke into my car right now than with the trustees and administration of the seminary. I, quite frankly, have been royally pissed with the way they have made these decisions as of late and find them contrary to the Gospel mission. What we expect of a fallen world is for it to act fallen. We expect the Church to be on mission for the Gospel, but this is a Church still under the influence of a fallen world. We, as Christians, live in a way contrary to the gospel despite our best efforts. Christ has given us much mercy in the way we have sought to live out this mission.