Dawn of a New Day

Welcome to the new and improved Image of Truth.  This is the dawn of a new day for this humble little blog.  We have our own domain, our own design, and with that, perhaps a greater responsibility to bring the quality information and discussion worthy of this more prestigious setup.  This is all thanks to my good friend Josh at GeekiFlyed, who is a great friend and brother of many years and who is doing some swell stuff.  After a brief hiatus in activities in which I intentionally didn’t do much so that the transition might go more smoothly, we are back and here at our new digs.

Yes, we are definitely back and working steadily on bringing you more content.  There will be Christianity and arts new from around the web, articles from myself and guest contributors, and the always thought-provoking “Quote of the Week” segments coming soon, so keep checking in.

(Illustration: Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet, 1872)