My Stance on Translations

Over the last couple of years, I've devoted several posts here to the issue of Bible translations. While, in my personal seminary training, I do not yet have enough of a grounding in languages to comment first hand on one-to-one correspondence in English translations, I have sat under several professors here at Southern Seminary well-versed … Continue reading My Stance on Translations

Survey: "Evangelical" Translations with Apocrypha

With the coming publication of the English Standard Version Bible with Apocrypha in a mere couple of days, the ESV will join the ranks of the very few conservative Evangelical Protestant-formed translations to include in at least one edition more than the 66 books we have traditionally considered canon. The ESV with Apocrypha is published … Continue reading Survey: "Evangelical" Translations with Apocrypha

Clarifications on Dynamic and Literal: Capturing the "Real" Meaning

I never meant for this blog to revolve around translations and editions of the Bible. Yet, time and time again, this is something that, when I bring it up, becomes a source of more conversation than any other single topic. In the responses to the previous post (which was really just a redirect to a … Continue reading Clarifications on Dynamic and Literal: Capturing the "Real" Meaning