The Darkness and Light of Advent

The sun doesn’t shine as bright this time of year, but the malls absolutely glisten. We are entering what is known in our contemporary culture as the “Christmas season”… However, in the ancient traditions of the Church, this time of year has a completely different vibe.

The Shadows of Advent

I have never been entirely comfortable with the bright colors and bouncy music that pervades the stores, radio stations, and even churches this time of year. Maybe it’s my own somewhat darker disposition, or maybe there is something about this season that is supposed to have a hint of darkness.

Review: Bifrost Arts’ Salvation is Created

Salvation Is Created: A Christmas Record From Bifrost Arts Artist: Bifrost Arts. Label: Sounds Familyre, 2009 One could safely propose that there are far too many Christmas albums in the … Continue reading Review: Bifrost Arts’ Salvation is Created