Explore the Vatican

Perhaps there is no place that is more of a treasure-trove of Western Christian art than the Vatican City.  The works of great Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo adorn the chapels and haunt the recesses of the Vatican so that the entirety of the Roman Catholic compound is a work to behold.  Now, thanks to … Continue reading Explore the Vatican

Ridiculing the Enemy

"What is the means by which the demonic realm is vanquished? In a word: mockery. Satan’s great sin (and our great sin) is pride. Thus, to drive Satan from us we ridicule him. This is why the custom arose of portraying Satan in a ridiculous red suit with horns and a tail. Nobody thinks the … Continue reading Ridiculing the Enemy

A Divine Calling to Creativity

From the very first passage of the Scriptures, we see God as a creative being; indeed, he shows himself to be the ultimate creative being. We behold him establish the whole created order, including mankind itself. He then lays before us an astounding pronouncement...

Art in Creation: God as Sculptor

(A guest post by Bryan Lilly) The idea of art is found all throughout the creation narratives of Genesis. Creation is, of course, more than art, but it is certainly nothing less. Take the idea of aesthetics, for example. In the same way that a painter, who has been working on specific details of his … Continue reading Art in Creation: God as Sculptor