The Isles | Transcendence

Transcendence describes something that transports us beyond our physical existence, something whose whole is on another spiritual plane than the sum of its parts.

But Am I?

I had a job interview a couple of days ago. As the potential job involved a Christian website, I was asked about my theology during the interview. Based on my academic background and my church affiliation, the interviewer asked if I was Baptist, which I affirmed. However, after the discussion, the question kept popping into…

On Going to Seminary

I graduated from seminary almost four years ago now. I still live in the city where my seminary is, and I even work full-time at the school. Because of this, I’m able to talk with a lot of current students and my fellow alumni. I’ve noticed some common threads that weave through these discussions and…

Seeing The Gospel in Gothic Architecture

Here are a few key highlights of the Gothic-style church building that we can see in Sojourn Midtown’s new worship space, the former St. Vincent de Paul Church.

The Shadows of Advent

I have never been entirely comfortable with the bright colors and bouncy music that pervades the stores, radio stations, and even churches this time of year. Maybe it’s my own somewhat darker disposition, or maybe there is something about this season that is supposed to have a hint of darkness.

Sojourn, the Pope, and Artistic Excellence

It seems fitting on the same day that Sojourn Music releases it’s latest album, a Christmas project called A Child is Born, that Peter Leithart shares this word from the late Pope John Paul II…

Great Art: The Sojourn Split-EP

Jamie Barnes and Brooks Ritter have crafted two EPs that would stand alone as great works, but as a complete album they stand as a masterpiece and an important milestone.

Beautiful Clarity

“For a Christian rhetoric, perspicuity is the foundation of all the canons of style. Clarity of thought must always be the preacher’s aim. Clarity is the basic beauty of eloquent oratory and the driving power that persuades one’s listeners. The beauty of teaching is making clear the truth, for it is in the truth itself,…