Living the Gospel

Those who have been saved by Jesus are left with a common call: be citizens of his kingdom in our present world. Our faith is spilled out in our actions. This is not in an attempt to save ourselves, but to be ambassadors of Jesus' kingdom.

Why We Need Art in a Recession

Carolyn Arends, a Christian folk singer-songwriter I first encountered a decade or so ago when I heard her cover Rich Mullins' "Jacob and 2 Women" on a tribute album, has written a great piece for Christianity Today entitled "Saying More Than We Can Say: Why the Arts Matter Even During A Recession." Arends expresses a … Continue reading Why We Need Art in a Recession

What is Art to Christianity?

What is Art to Christianity? It’s a loaded question. One could seriously talk for days on end about the issue and only brush the surface, so I feel that an introductory blog post can be only that… introductory. However, more disturbing than the simplicity of this overview is the fact that Protestant Christians have, by … Continue reading What is Art to Christianity?

Art in Creation: God as Sculptor

(A guest post by Bryan Lilly) The idea of art is found all throughout the creation narratives of Genesis. Creation is, of course, more than art, but it is certainly nothing less. Take the idea of aesthetics, for example. In the same way that a painter, who has been working on specific details of his … Continue reading Art in Creation: God as Sculptor