The Green Bible

First, happy new year, and I offer my apologies for being somewhat silent here as of late. This has brought me out of my slumber, though. Those of you who know me well know that I appreciate more upper-end editions of the Bible. That is, those made from quality material with sewn binding and high-endurance, fairly opaque paper. You might also know that, while being on the conservative end of the theological spectrum, I place a high value on the environment, being we are meant to be stewards of the world we were given. Therefore, I must bring attention to the edition of the scriptures that gets my award for “most ecologically unfriendly bible ever”: The Green Bible.

Now, why, with a name like The Green Bible, would it be ecologically unfriendly? For the very same reason that its producers would say its the most ecologically friendly. Their website states that it is made with “recycled paper, using soy-based ink with a cotton/linen cover.” In other words, this bible will decompose in a couple of years, wasting the trees, soy, and cotton used to manufacture it. The word of the Lord endures forever, but this copy of it will last about a year. I am going to lay aside my qualms about the New Revised Standard Version, the translation on which this edition is based, and mainly remark that this edition, by trying to be thoroughly organic, does exactly what it wants not to do.

Why not make a small investment and get a genuine leather or high-end imitation leather bible with endurable paper and good binding? It will last you years (some publishers give a lifetime warranty) and will be ecologically friendly in the process.