rouault_paysage_oil_5_75_x_43Welcome to Image of Truth, a blog dedicated to engaging aesthetics and the arts from a Biblical Christian perspective.  As a brief introduction, there will be numerous contributors here, each from a somewhat unique perspective when it comes to their involvement in art, church tradition, and background, though we could all be considered Protestant and broadly evangelical, thus coming at this from certain set presuppositions that will hopefully unify our conversation.  From practicing artists with a commitment to the Christian faith to ministers and theological students with an interest in art (and many in-between), we will act as a community trying to shed light on the issues regarding beauty and art from the perspective of Biblical Christianity.

The goal of this blog is simple:

  • To equip the Church to recognize the importance of beauty and developing a truly biblical aesthetic (that is, a philosophy of beauty).
  • To equip the Church to recognize the importance and sanctity of the arts in the daily life of the Christian and the corporate Church, as well as in the history of God’s people over the course of history.  Specifically, we will address issues of visual art (drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, etc.), music, theater, film, and literature.
  • To engage the arts in our contemporary culture by interacting with and analyzing various artistic expressions today, from contemporary art to music, film, and theater.

It is my hope and prayer that this blog will be of great use for the Kingdom.

For the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.

Jake, Image of Truth manager/editor

[Pictured: Rouault, Paysage]