On the Horizon

The semester is over and it is time to put some side projects into full swing. In fact, the side projects may become the main projects and seminary may be something I finish “on the side” as these demand more and more time in my life. Here are upcoming things that I am particularly excited about:

  1. A play. I am going to be purposefully sketchy in giving you details of this, but a certain true story really struck a chord this year with both my roommate and myself. We have decided, after much talk, to write a play based very loosely on circumstances in this story and, hopefully, later adapt it into a screenplay. It is a very timely tale of art, the church, the academy, conspiracy, scandal, and faith.
  2. A book. Whether sooner or later, I am going to have to write a book on the relationship between theology and the horror genre. I think there is a case for redemptive value in many horror stories and films, and for theologically provocative reasons.
  3. Sojourn Pastors School. A deacon who was my first community group leader at Sojourn and who had continued to be a big brother for me in the faith has encouraged me to enroll in the Sojourn Pastors School, something that has intrigued me since I first heard of it. I am not sure whether I will apply for the fall or spring semester, but I have no intention of leaving Louisville without going through this. In many ways, this does what seminary never can… actually train church leaders in the context of the church. I expect to get as much or more from this as I have from seminary.
  4. A studio. A college friend and I have considered, off and on, putting together a small film and other artistic media production company, he running the business end and I running the creative end. The more I think about certain projects and goals of art and ministry I’d like to accomplish, this is looking more and more like the most plausible way of getting it done. If it goes through, the film version of project 1 might be the first movie.

More details on these as they develop. God is good, and I’m excited to see what doors he will open and close regarding these and other projects.