A Really Cool Concept. This is exciting.

Check out the Holy Bible: Mosaic, featuring the New Living Translation, coming soon from Tyndale House. I think this is the freshest concept in bible publishing in a while. If nothing else, the re-inclusion of an abundance of art in a published bible is a breath of fresh air. Not only this, but the readings arranged in alignment with the Revised Common Lectionary and the Book of Common Prayer are a step towards re-integrating the traditional church seasons in the everyday life of the lay Christian, giving a full picture of the Gospel within the year. Hopefully, Mosaic is one tradition that other Bible version publishers will see and say “we could do something like that” (I mean, with the NIV coming out with a new text edition in two years and with ESV being picked up by conservative Lutherans and Anglicans here in the US, they have a potentially huge market for something in a similar vein as well). I am looking forward to seeing one of these Mosaic NLTs first hand. Meanwhile, here’s the editor with more: