Looking Toward the Future

After having a nice visit to Georgia, talking to many people down there, and talking with many people up here, I might be even less sure of the exact thing I’m going to do when I finish up at Southern Seminary.

My thoughts at the moment.
1. North Georgia could use more good churches. Planting a church close to Reinhardt College is a distinct thought.
2. However, normally it is better to start planting in a more urban environment, then spread to the rural. Chattanooga would be an excellent place to plant as well.
3. I have this degree in theology & arts that I’m working on, and that itself would suit me more to an urban enviroment, with a significant arts community.
4. I have a lot of creative projects in mind, including dramatic arts and filmmaking, and those are much more suited for urban environments. It is much harder for something like that to take off in a small town.
5. I want to be back in the southern Appalachians. This is a strong point.
6. I must, must, must have a core team put together when I leave. I need people at the destination or from Sojourn/Southern, or ideally both. This is a huge, huge factor, and may partially determine where I end up going.

So, pray for these things. I am, and am searching out all the possibilities that may exist.