The Isles | Transcendence

Transcendence describes something that transports us beyond our physical existence, something whose whole is on another spiritual plane than the sum of its parts.

Dear Rich

(Part of my series Letters to Dead People) Dear Rich, It was twenty years ago today that you left this world for our Father’s house. A car accident of all things (is that what you get for wanting to “go out like Elijah”?). I didn’t know at that time, nor would I have cared. In…

Advent 2: Peace

Year A Readings: Isaiah 11:1-10 | Psalm 72:1-19 | Romans 15:1-13 | Matthew 3:1-12 So, this post is a day late. That’s somehow fitting for an Advent post. I mean, the prophets and Jesus himself spoke of his second coming as a seemingly close event, but we’ve been waiting almost two thousand years. And while time beats…

Liturgical Leanings

Occasionally, seeing how other brothers and sisters in Christ have celebrated and pointed themselves to the gospel over the centuries can enrich our experience of that same gospel all the more

How Advent Saved Christmas

I hate Christmas. The stress, the materialism, the consumerism, the deception, and the overall empty, kitschy, humanist messages unsettle me. Then came Advent.

The Darkness and Light of Advent

The sun doesn’t shine as bright this time of year, but the malls absolutely glisten. We are entering what is known in our contemporary culture as the “Christmas season”… However, in the ancient traditions of the Church, this time of year has a completely different vibe.

Passion Week

Tomorrow, Palm Sunday, beings Passion Week (or Holy Week) in the Western Christian calendar. I will be blogging through the week, reflecting on the significance of the days, the ways broader Christianity commemorates this week, and particularly how it has been expressed in artwork.

Sojourn, the Pope, and Artistic Excellence

It seems fitting on the same day that Sojourn Music releases it’s latest album, a Christmas project called A Child is Born, that Peter Leithart shares this word from the late Pope John Paul II…

Review: Bifrost Arts’ Salvation is Created

Salvation Is Created: A Christmas Record From Bifrost Arts Artist: Bifrost Arts. Label: Sounds Familyre, 2009 One could safely propose that there are far too many Christmas albums in the world, but far too few good ones. For those of us with an aversion to anything referencing Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer, elves, and such, it…