Dear Billy

What you will be rememberd for most… is not your influence on major figures of the 20th Century, but on the common person for the Kingdom of God.

Entertaining Angels

Several governors and other politicians in the United States, many of whom tout their “Christian values” and this as a “Christian nation,” have said that we should take no Syrian refugees because one such refugee was amongst the many terrorists who recently attacked Paris. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing Syria. They are…

Review: Les Misérables

With many incarnations already under its belt, does the new film version of Les Miserables live up to such rich material? The answer is one of both glory and misery.

The Gospel, The Cathedral, and the Dracula Blu-Ray

We long for a restoration like this in our world. We look around and see so much beauty in the world, but we also know that it isn’t what it could be, what it should be. It is but a shadow of what once was.

The Elephant… er, Chicken… in the Room

My, how the feathers have flown in the past couple of weeks in response to a Biblical Recorder interview with Dan Cathy, COO of Chik-fil-A, where he claimed he and his family believed in the “traditional family” (i.e., the biblical, heterosexual marriage). Homosexual advocates cried fowl foul and planned on boycotting the chain henceforth, which then…

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday beings Passion Week (or Holy Week). The primary event the day commemorates is Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem on the Sunday before he was crucified.

The Shadows of Advent

I have never been entirely comfortable with the bright colors and bouncy music that pervades the stores, radio stations, and even churches this time of year. Maybe it’s my own somewhat darker disposition, or maybe there is something about this season that is supposed to have a hint of darkness.

Sojourn, the Pope, and Artistic Excellence

It seems fitting on the same day that Sojourn Music releases it’s latest album, a Christmas project called A Child is Born, that Peter Leithart shares this word from the late Pope John Paul II…

On Halloween

In light of our victory over Satan, sin, and death, we should consider, ponder through, and pray over how we can learn from and celebrate Halloween as the Christian holiday it is and can be, proclaiming the gospel through pumpkins and plastic masks.