The Isles | One Year Later

I can't believe it has been a year since my friend Kyle and I packed our bags and made the transatlantic journey to Ireland and England. In many ways, it feels like just a few days since I was last walking the streets of the cities I so quickly came to love.

The Isles | Walking Together

As any hobbit knows, much of the joy of a good day's walk comes from the friends who travel by your side.

Politics, Compassion, and Understanding

Building our bulwarks and pelting verbal bombs will get us nowhere except perpetual dysfunction. Yelling and calling each other names will create a such increasing disunity that we can no longer be called "the United States."

Preaching Through Pain

I preached my grandfather's funeral this past weekend. I was simultaneously saddened by the loss of my grandfather and relieved that his long battle with multiple ailments was over and that he is, to the best of my discernment, now with the Lord. I have been told multiple times that a preacher should not officiate … Continue reading Preaching Through Pain

A Change of Seasons

There have recently been several unseasonably cool days for an August in Louisville. The breeze has brought about even the slightest scent of autumn's approach. A few stray dry leaves have even found their way onto my balcony. While the official beginning of autumn is still almost a month away, one cannot escape noticing that … Continue reading A Change of Seasons

The Coming Evangelical Rebirth

Evangelical Christianity, as we know it, is collapsing, but perhaps this is not a bad thing. Michael Spencer's heralding piece "The Coming Evangelical Collapse," (published in the Christian Science Monitor) has gained widespread recognition over the past couple of weeks in its announcement that "We are on the verge – within 10 years – of … Continue reading The Coming Evangelical Rebirth

Ehrman vs. Colbert

Bart Ehrman recently appeared on the Colbert Report. Unbeknown to some, Stephen Colbert is a committed Catholic Christian and actually defends the Bible in the way he knows best... his wit. This is thoughtful and hilarious. Disclaimer: not for the prudish. The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30cBart Ehrmancolbertnation.comColbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorNASA Name … Continue reading Ehrman vs. Colbert