On Going to Seminary

I graduated from seminary almost four years ago now. I still live in the city where my seminary is, and I even work full-time at the school. Because of this, I'm able to talk with a lot of current students and my fellow alumni. I've noticed some common threads that weave through these discussions and … Continue reading On Going to Seminary

A Change of Seasons

There have recently been several unseasonably cool days for an August in Louisville. The breeze has brought about even the slightest scent of autumn's approach. A few stray dry leaves have even found their way onto my balcony. While the official beginning of autumn is still almost a month away, one cannot escape noticing that … Continue reading A Change of Seasons

The Coming Evangelical Rebirth

Evangelical Christianity, as we know it, is collapsing, but perhaps this is not a bad thing. Michael Spencer's heralding piece "The Coming Evangelical Collapse," (published in the Christian Science Monitor) has gained widespread recognition over the past couple of weeks in its announcement that "We are on the verge – within 10 years – of … Continue reading The Coming Evangelical Rebirth

On Communicating Truth

My roommate Marty has posted an excellent article called "'The Truth,' Communication, and the Intellectual Achilles' Heel" for those of us academically/intellectually-oriented Christians who may need a dose of humility and reminder of our mission from time to time. There's nothing wrong with studying the depths of Christian thought... but let's not forget to preach … Continue reading On Communicating Truth

More Musings at Starbucks

I think there's a James Taylor song on the P.A. right now. I can't be sure. His voice has changed since he has gotten older. The music here at Starbucks is different lately. I'm not sure, but they must have someone new in charge of putting together their playlists. At any rate, yes, I'm here … Continue reading More Musings at Starbucks