More Musings at Starbucks

I think there’s a James Taylor song on the P.A. right now. I can’t be sure. His voice has changed since he has gotten older. The music here at Starbucks is different lately. I’m not sure, but they must have someone new in charge of putting together their playlists. At any rate, yes, I’m here at Starbucks at 64 & Hurstbourne again. I have gotten into such a habit of it that it has become the place where I know I can accomplish the most homework. That’s what I’m doing now as a matter of fact, only taking this little moment to write down some thoughts in order to not burn out. Ok, so the song has changed a couple of times now, and this band sounds like Wilco, but I know it isn’t… hmmm…

Life news and musings:

  • Halloween was good. I hung out with my friends Mike and Robyn and their almost one year old daughter Addie most of the evening, trick-or-treating on the street next to us. Hillcrest Avenue has a huge Halloween house-decorating extravaganza, and it is the place to go in Louisville for family-friendly tricks and treats. I then came down here to Starbucks for a bit. Good evening overall. What started as my vampire costume wound up as Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. Long story, but it worked. (Edit: the vampire thing was partially washed out because of trouble with the make-up, but I already had some misgivings about it because, as innocent as my portrayal would have been, I don’t particularly want to give the wrong idea that I endorse vampirism. Still, those who would gain that from a Halloween costume would be over-reading it a bit. This is Louisville, though. P.S. – I don’t necessarily endorse Green Day either.)
  • I love seminary people who will openly admit that Halloween is still their favorite holiday. I have heard this openly admitted twice this past week. These are awesome individuals, and I wish there were more folks like them at Southern, not for the fact of Halloween being their favorite holiday (of course, it is mine too), but for their overall personalities, always willing to engage the issues and not live in “the box.”
  • This is the first week I will be serving on the connect team at Sojourn on a regular basis. I have filled in a few times, but I’m finally at a point of getting plugged in. I will be serving at the 7:00 p.m. service, after attending the 5:00. This feels good, and it is way past time.
  • I want the Orthodox Study Bible and Patriarch Bartholemew’s Encoutering the Mystery: Understanding Orthodox Christianity Today. I am beginning to think there is much more to Eastern Orthodox Christianity than we give it credit for, and they certainly are far ahead of us when it comes to understanding the use of art in the Church, even if our particular expressions of it end up different. I think we have more to learn from them than we will let on.
  • I have ideas for both stage and screen that are driving me crazy. I want to work with them with a group of people and get them made, for the edification of the Church.
  • Andrew Peterson‘s album Resurrection Letters: Volume II is excellent. I can’t wait for volume I. Peterson is one of the true masters of art in the Church today. We need more artist like him.
  • I want to see the Church recognize it’s ancient liturgical calendar more, for the sake of Gospel proclamation.

Happy All Saints Day.