Dear Rich

Unlike your contemporaries, who churned out mostly happy-clappy loves songs to Jesus, you peered into your pain, stared into the darkness of the world, and saw the light of God piercing through that darkness. You used the hurt and brokenness of your life to form art beautiful in all its truthfulness.

Dear Vincent

But for all of your suffering and broken life, Vincent, I want you to know something: you continually point me back to God. In my darkest moments, I look at your paintings and see all the vibrancy of creation on full display.

The Artist-Pastor Identity Crisis, Part 2

I was talking with a coworker recently. An English major when he was in college who loves writing stories and reading Dostoevsky, he is now studying at the seminary in order to hopefully plant a church overseas someday. We spoke of stories we liked and environments that seemed to inspire us, like gothic buildings and … Continue reading The Artist-Pastor Identity Crisis, Part 2

Vivian Maier: Photography’s Van Gogh?

Vincent Van Gogh's paintings never sold during his lifetime.  Although Vincent's works were purchased from him by his brother Theo, who owned an art gallery in Paris, Theo was unable to sell any of the paintings in turn.  Only after Vincent's death did his works ever sell, and Theo's widow was the first to be … Continue reading Vivian Maier: Photography’s Van Gogh?

New Images of the Fujimura Gospels

Renowned abstract artist and writer Makoto Fujimura has recently posted an update regarding the illuminated edition of the Four Holy Gospels (English Standard Version) being released next year by Crossway Books & Bibles.  "The leather-bound bible will feature five new large works and dozens of smaller 'letters' paintings as drop caps," all by Fujimura, the … Continue reading New Images of the Fujimura Gospels

Why We Need Art in a Recession

Carolyn Arends, a Christian folk singer-songwriter I first encountered a decade or so ago when I heard her cover Rich Mullins' "Jacob and 2 Women" on a tribute album, has written a great piece for Christianity Today entitled "Saying More Than We Can Say: Why the Arts Matter Even During A Recession." Arends expresses a … Continue reading Why We Need Art in a Recession