Review: Word Pictures

Godawa, Brian. Word Pictures: Knowing God Through Story & Imagination.  Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2009. There seems to be a recent movement within the Protestant community to finally start talking about the arts and their role in the Christian life.  Numerous publishers in the evangelical and mainline streams have released direct or indirect approaches to … Continue reading Review: Word Pictures

Fujimura to Illuminate Bible

This could be very big news on a couple of counts.  One, this marks the return of illuminated manuscript-style bibles, and in the English Standard Version, one of today's most popular translations at that, especially among Reformed Protestants and one of the literary progeny of the King James Version.  Two, it features a surprising artist, … Continue reading Fujimura to Illuminate Bible

In Honor of Barth’s Birthday: Grünewald and Mozart

On this day in 1886, Swiss Protestant theologian Karl Barth was born, a man who would be known as the most important Christian theologian of the 20th Century and the most important theologian living after Thomas Aquinas. What many outsiders may not know is how heavily a role two artists played in Barth's life: Matthias … Continue reading In Honor of Barth’s Birthday: Grünewald and Mozart