"I Want to…"

This is entirely unlike me, but I actually wrote a poem today. I write prose, normally (and you’ll probably see why now – with this free-form, meter-less jumble), but this just sort of poured out of me. The Spirit has really convicted my heart this week, and this exists as a work of repentance and devotion.

I want to be invisible
I want to decrease
I want Christ to increase in me so much
That I cannot be seen
That nothing of me can be seen but he
That only he can be seen through me
I want to abide such in him and dwell so deeply within his Word
That his Law will be so engraved on my heart
That my conscience will be forever captive to it
That my soul would abandon its love of this world
And the passions of my flesh will all but fade dim
I want to love not this world, for it is not my home
I belong to a king and a kingdom and am but a sojourner here
The things of this world cannot satisfy the desires only my king fulfills
They are but finite trinkets that seek to distract me
From my Lord, Savior, and Utmost Treasure
And I see them as dung that will rot in the refuse pit of time
While my God, more precious than gold, stands eternal and infinite
I want to know no fear
Not of death, of principalities or people
Not of governments or nature itself
But only the fear and reverence
Of he who laid the foundation of the earth
And bore Leviathan in its depths
I want to know my Savior
As my one true love forever
As the bridegroom awaiting our Wedding Feast
As the brother of whom I was adopted into brotherhood
As the lamb slain and the lion victorious
As the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
I want to serve my God
I want to love him with all my heart, my soul, and my might
And in loving him love my neighbor
Showing living faith by loving
And in loving show my faith in God
I want to preach his Gospel
Not a watered-down, sugarcoated half-truth, which is no truth at all
Not a money-laden, health and wealth lie to tickle American ears
Not a political campaign for upper middle-class white capitalists
Not a man-centered, works-based ladder to false righteousness
But Christ crucified for the propitiation of the sins of the world
And resurrected, ascended, and coming again soon
It doesn’t promise an easy life or good health
It guarantees persecution and demands poverty
It doesn’t have a twelve-step program to our best lives now
It demands complete abandon to our flesh and ourselves
For it is a gospel that is for all peoples
For all tribes and nations, so that many may believe
For it is a gospel of life.
I want to Glorify God
For he has glorified his name in all creation
He has glorified his name and will glorify it again
And every tongue will confess the wonder of his name
But he has begun a great work in me and will fulfill it
And none can stand a charge against God’s elect
For by Christ’s death, he has glorified me
And until my dying breath, and through all eternity,
I will lay down my crowns and return it all to him.