Jacob’s Ladder

I remember the night you came to me
Awoke me from the longest sleep
Opened my eyes to see the stairs
Angels traverse high to deep
The gates of heaven opened wide
The glory of God revealed
As the worlds of God and man were made
From severed wholly healed

I remember the angels ascending, descending
Up and down upon your stair
I wondered and marveled as I gazed upon
This portal to your lair
I knew this moment was holy
I knew my life would change
I constructed monuments to proclaim
How I now so loved your name

But time has passed so slowly
And I feel the days go by
When I scarce remember your great steps
Descending from the sky
Men think I am steadfast and true
That I stand so strong in faith
But my flesh now struggles to take hold
And wrestle me from your grace

I know that this can never be
I am yours and yours alone
But I long again to clearly see
The Ladder to your throne
I want to see Him in majesty
Angels move upon His glory
I want feel a passion again
For the great redemption story

Lord, awaken me this darkest of night
As I rest upon this stone
Let the wonder of your grace again
Stir through this flesh and bone
Lord, remind me of the story again
And make me even gladder
Lord, awaken me to your glory again
And let me gaze upon your Ladder