The Artist-Pastor Identity Crisis, Part 2

I was talking with a coworker recently. An English major when he was in college who loves writing stories and reading Dostoevsky, he is now studying at the seminary in order to hopefully plant a church overseas someday. We spoke of stories we liked and environments that seemed to inspire us, like gothic buildings and…

The Artist-Pastor Identity Crisis

I’m beginning to think that if I don’t have an identity crisis at least once a month, I’m simply not taking in enough good art.

What I Miss About School

I realized earlier today one basic source of my current writer’s block… I miss the sometimes exciting structure and environment of being in school.

The Spirituality of Vincent Van Gogh

When most people hear the name Vincent Van Gogh, they immediately think of a rather eccentric artist who painted in vivid color and violent brush-strokes and whose life was marked by the mailing of his mutilated outer ear to a prostitute and a death marked by a somewhat boggled suicide attempt.  He is well known…