A Hint of Eternal Truths

“We are trying to get to heaven. That’s what life is about, and that’s what any good story is about. Every story begins with Creation and ends with the Last Judgment. Every author is trying to achieve the Incarnation, trying to make the Word into flesh. Every author puts his characters to the test. There is always an adversary that has to be overcome. Evil will always seem to have the upper hand and will appear to triumph. Ultimately, however, good will prevail, but not without sacrifice. The object of Incarnation is Crucifixion. The object of Crucifixion is Resurrection. But you cannot get to Easter morning unless you go through the Agony in the Garden and the Death on the Cross. Every author who has mastered the craft of storytelling will give us a taste, a hint of these eternal truths. All art touches the eternal.”
– Dale Ahlquist, Common Sense 101

(via: Feast of Booths)