A Devotion to Beauty

“We so often talk of ‘worldview thinking’ and ‘applying the Bible to every area of life,’ but that is all too often just a skeleton of a theory. The medievals actually lived it; imperfectly, yes, but still much better than anything in modernity.  We have no sense of a life carefully crafted by beauty. A devotion to beauty will sculpt everything we do, and the medievals knew that very well. Beauty trains one’s mind to think differently about family, leisure, labor, theology, and the future. Yet we thin-souled moderns are so proud of our rejection of poems and stories and paintings. We lead half-lives and die with less. God has given us so much more, and we slight Him in our meager living. Christendom has lost so much.”
– Douglas Jones, Angels in the Architecture: A Protestant Vision for Middle Earth

(Illustration: anonymous medieval artist, Monk Tasting Wine from a Barrel)